Australian Centre for the Moving Image

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image is also sometimes referred to as just ACMI.

It is devoted to the moving image in all different forms, which is similar to the Museum of the Moving Image that can be found in New York.

It was the first museum that offered digital media, film and television.

The ACMI can be found in Federation Square in Melbourne.

You may not know why ACMI was created.

Let me get you in on a secret. It was created for one reason only, and that is to promote and exhibit Australian and Victorian screen content.

The Screen Gallery

The screen gallery is one of the main attractions of the ACMI. It is featured along the whole length of the Princes Bridge Railway Station, and is a subterranean gallery that is used for experimenting with moving images. Some of the popular exhibitions that take place here are that of interactives, net art, video art, sound art and installations.

This is the screen gallery that displayed the exhibition of “TV50”. What this exhibition did was emphasize fifty busy years of good Australian TV. It was also filled with great classic clips as well as memorabilia as it marked the largest wall of TV’s in the world, with a total of 750 televisions.

The Memory Grid


australian centre for the moving image, acmi, melbourne

The Memory Grid is something else that attracts many people to the ACMI. This is a display that allows admittance to more than one hundred-long hours of excellent film recorded by normal Australians, students, practitioners, filmmakers and members in the Australian Centre for the Moving Image hands-on manufacturing workshops.

The content seen on the Memory Grid is only played there; therefore, it is never before seen footage. However, in some cases the content has been displayed on community TV before, but only once.

Opening Times and General Information

Haven’t been to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image before? You are going to Melbourne soon and would like to make a stop there? Then you will be happy to know that ACMI is open everyday from 10am till 6pm. The only day they are closed is Christmas Day.

On a Thursday night you have extra time as they only close at 9pm, and the ACMI Lounge is open later for certain planned film screenings on different occasions. So you see, you will have sufficient time to visit the Centre before your Melbourne vacation is over.

Public transport is readily available to Federation Square as pretty much every train and tram that go around Melbourne stop at Flinders Street Station.

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image is something that makes Melbourne the place it is.

Without it, Melbourne wouldn’t be the same.

So, if you really want to explore Melbourne and go home and tell your friends about it, you will have to go to the ACMI.

Otherwise, you can’t say you experienced Melbourne to the fullest!

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