This year for March 2009 the Australian International Airshow promises to be full of wonderful surprises. The Australian International Airshow has been designed to show off the military aircrafts of Australia.

In 2009 the event will last from March 10th to the 15th, so there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the show.

It is one of Victoria’s main events in March each year.

Australian International Airshow: An Impression


australian international airshow

The skies will tremble with military technology as they take off, land and fly over head. The pilots of the aircrafts will do stunts while passing by the many spectators. This year you can expect to see the attack aircrafts, helicopters, and jets. The helicopters will even be sitting there with an assortment of rockets and missiles for you to see up close and personal.

While you stand or sit on the ground around you, the aircrafts will do rolls, reversals, and gravity moves that will take your breath away. The Australian International Airshow is really an aerobatic display of powerful machines, which will have you wondering if the sky really is the limit. Each pilot will be competing to be your star of the show.

Australian International Airshow: More than Planes in the Air

The show is not just about the planes in the air. You have the Aerospace and Defence Exposition, which will show their products, technology, and services to you. There will be plenty of land based military equipment and technology for you to be stunned over. Lastly, the 2009 Australian International Airshow will hold conferences and career expos to encourage any person interested in learning the skills or having a career to attend.

Australian International Airshow: Where is It?


australian international airshow

The International Airshow in Australia has been held for several years on an annual basis. In fact the airshow started in 1988 at the Avalon Airport between Melbourne and Geelong Australia. Some regular attendees include the United States Navy and Air Force. Last year a RAAF F-111 performed a dump and burn procedure in which fuel is intentionally ignited using the plane’s after burner. The fire on the ground and in the sky was something of amazement for the spectators who managed to attend. Confirmation on the 2009 Airshow has stated that the Airbus A380, F-35 Lightning II, F-22 Raptor, and Boeing 787 will be in attendance.

The Australian International Airshow is not a one of a kind event. In fact every year in the US during the summer months there is an Airshow that tours several states. The Australian International Airshow is one of the few shows offering Australian military planes as well as other countries defence systems. The air show is meant for spectators to enjoy the aerial displays, but more than that it is for businesses and companies to swap technologies and make purchases. The conferences, career and skills recruiting, and retailers at the show all have a secondary purpose to the entertainment.

When you are a fan of planes and want to get up close and personal with them, then the Australian International Airshow is the event for you.

Just go to Avalon in March and enjoy the show!

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