The Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix is an annual event on Phillip Island.

People come together to celebrate their passion for speed and motorcycles.

Held at the Phillip Island GP Circuit, this racing event is a three-day festival that is filled with racing and entertainment.

Along with the racing competition is the culminating activities that are presented by the presentations of a week-list of live entertainment such as concerts and circus.

The festive atmosphere brought by this annual motorcycle racing event lives out the tradition of one of the oldest thriving racing events in the world – and it all happens in Phillip Island, Australia.

Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix: For Racing Fanatics and Tourists


australian motorcycle grand prix

When it comes to fierce and close motorcycle battles against speed, the Australian Motorcycle Grand prix is one of the world’s finest. The motorcycle segment of the country’s racing tradition is almost equally appealing not only to the racing teams and racing enthusiasts but also among tourists. Sitting 120 kilometers southeast of Melbourne, Victoria’s Phillip Island originally opened a 4.5 kilometer circuit in 1956. As the host of the then second round of World Championship, the circuit has become one of the rider’s favorite over the years. Until today, Phillip Island remains to be the host of one of the prestigious racing events in the country.

Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix Categories


australian motorcycle grand prix

In a Motorcycle Grand Prix, there are six main categories: the MotorGP, Australian Superbikes, Denso Supersports and Glen Cameron Group Aussie 125s, 125 cc and 250 cc bikes. In the recently concluded racing seasons, 2008 has marked the victories of many great riders as in Mike Di Meglio of France in 125 cc, Marco Simoncelli of Italy in 250 cc, and Casey stoner of Australia in MotoGP.

Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix Off-Track


australian motorcycle grand prix

Off-track, you can feel the nation’s love for racing. There is an exhibit for new mechanical information; race like a pro GP simulators and the Manufacturer’s display featured books, videos and accessory that cover Yamaha, BMW to Honda bikes. At the Show and Shine exhibit, a number of shining motorbikes from all over the country is showcased, all in their shining glory. From the classic to modified motorbike pieces, such a trip will surely be a delight to motorcycle enthusiasts.

Taking a stroll at the Support Paddock allows people to freely get a view of the racing team’s last minute adjustments. You may even chance upon some friendly riders and get their autograph. With the excitement filling this three-day event, you can enjoy the performances of many guest artists right at the nearby stadium or park.

And make sure you have a look at the pretty girls in the paddock as well:


Getting to Phillip Island


Getting to Phillip Island is not a problem as it is fairly close to Melbourne.

You can get there with your rental car or via one of the many private shuttle services.

Or you can always join the MRS Cranbourne GP run where thousands of fans and riders ride to the Phillip Island procession style.

Whatever you do, make sure you do not miss this event!

To check out how big the MRC Cranbourne GP Run is see the video below.


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