Gippsland is a wonderful diverse area to explore and a true privilege to visit.

Gippsland is one of Australia’s most diverse areas both geographically and economically.

Featuring fields of snow, beaches, lakes, beautiful national parks, farms and pasture lands and a vast array of sights to see, you will wonder where to begin.

A few sights that aren’t to be missed in Gippsland are :

Wilson’s Promontory

An incredible mixture of forests, mountains, gullies, salt marshes and granite, there is about a hundred kilometers of Wilson’s Promontory available for viewing. It is on the most southern point of Australia’s mainland.

When you get a chance, do go there, as it is one of the bigger and most attractive national parks of Australia.


Located just about 500 kilometers east of Melbourne, this is a holiday town waiting for you to visit and relax in.

The name Mallacoota means (depending on who you ask) “a place of meeting” or “a good water”. It is a sleepy seaside village that was built for fishermen with families. According to the sign that graces its streets it is the “Best Kept Secret in Victoria”.

Summertime puts the lie to those words when the streets of Mallacoota are burgeoning with visitors and holiday makers who have apparently found the secret.

Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance is incredibly popular with holidaymakers and there is a reason. The Lakes Entrance area offers a spectacular combination of waterways.
Sand dunes provide a perfect backdrop for the world famous Ninety Mile Beach, and eight other incredible national parks join it in providing breathtaking scenery and unparallelled photo opportunities.

The largest fishing port in Australia lies at Lakes Entrance, so the amateur angler will have plenty to occupy his or her time.

And as if the seaside alone does not offer enough entertainment, Snowy River National Park as well as Alpine National Park are only a daytrip away.


Once one of the most thriving and richest towns in the world, Walhalla was a town built on the promise of precious minerals that saw its decline occur rapidly. Now lovingly restored, many of the buildings are what they once were.

The town itself was lost in time for many years. Electric power was not offered there until late in 1998. The town boasts about twenty citizens now. When I went to visit Walhalla I really felt like I stepped back in time one hundred years or so. It’s a wonderful little town.

Other Gippsland Towns

For boating enthusiasts Paynesville is a dream!
Paynesville has several marinas and jetties.

It lies within the Gippsland Lakes system, and has beautiful sandy beaches.
The Esplanade is the center of the Paynesville’s shopping area.

The St. Peters Church is also a beautiful tourist attraction that is not to be missed. You can also take the ferry out to Raymond Island, which is located about 200 meters off the coast. This island will allow you to see many native birds and animals, and for anyone who has dreamed of bushwalking this is a must see island!

Mount Baw Baw
During the winter Mount Baw Baw offers a wide range of snow sports.
During warmer months hiking, biking, rafting, abseiling, and bushwalking are common activities.

The Baw Baw National Park is known for its beautiful scenery, river valleys, and colorful wildflowers. This makes Mount Baw Baw an ideal destination for nature lovers.

Inverloch Accommodation
Looking for a quaint seaside village? Then Inverloch might be exactly what you’re looking for! Inverloch is located off of the Bass Highway in Gippsland.
Inverloch is a great tourist destination for surfers and fisherman.

Inverloch also boasts being the location of the site of the first dinosaur bone discovery in Australia.

The town itself has several types of guest accommodations hosting everything from motels to caravan parks.

Located right on the Mitchell River, Bairnsdale is the largest city in the East Gippsland region. They have a large commercial center built around the Princes Highway. Some of the most popular attractions in Bairnsdale are the Mitchell River National Park, the McLeods Morass State Game Reserve, and Bairnsdale Clocks, a museum featuring over 600 antique clocks.

Do you enjoy hiking, horseback riding or bicycling?

Then the East Gippsland Rail Trail is the way to go for you. It is a beautiful trail that follows an old railway line.

Known as the gateway to not only East Victoria but Gippsland Lakes, 90 Mile Beach and various other tourist attractions, Sale, Australia is about 260 kilometers from Melbourne.

Sale is home to about 13,000 people.

In 1840 this town was founded as Flooding Creek, by the first settler Archibald McIntosh who made this area a settlement by setting up a store, butcher’s shop, and forge.

The name was later changed in 1851 to be named after General Sir Robert Sale, a British army officer.

Neerim South
As one of the most scenic towns in the area of West Gippsland area, Neerim South is located at the base of Mt. Baw Baw. Located 110 kilometers east of Melbourne, Neerim South offers a pleasant opportunity to get away from it all.

Nestled on the Latrobe RiverNoojee is a charming town located in Gippsland. It is 125 kilometers east of Melbourne. Noojee has something for everyone. Enjoy the Ada TreeToorongo Falls or Trestle Bridge outside of town and relax in one of Noojee’s holiday accommodations.

Functioning as the heart of Gippsland Gourmet CountyYarragon is located 115 kilometers east of Melbourne. Yarragon has become famous for its specialty shops, offering an assortment of linen, dolls, cups, candles, clothing, fabrics, and a host of other items.

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A visit to Gippsland can well bring to life the visions of another time that one imagines when thinking of the gold fields, the hardships and the scenic beauty that is Australia.

A visit to Gippsland can offer more than just a holiday, but a small glimpse of another time.

So, pack your bags and get set for the wonder that awaits you at Gippsland. There is more to it than you can imagine.

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Wilson’s Promontory
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