Looking for a place to stay in the Yarra Valley?

Then you should check out some of the Healesville accommodation available to you.

Healesville is a great tourist spot.

Healesville sits in the center of the food and wine region of the Yarra Valley.

Furthermore, its famous Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary contains over 200 species of animals native to Australia.

Yet another feature of Healesville is the picturesque landscape, including Badger Weir Park.

While staying in Healesville, you can enjoy a wide variety of accommodations. Check them out below.

Healesville Accommodation #1: Healesville Hotel


Healesville Hotel

A restored 1910 hotel, the Healesville Hotel is located in Yarra Valley’s center and provides a comprehensive experience with food and wine. Since its opening in 2001, the hotel has won several awards.

The dining room allows you to dine in style, while the menu includes an array of local produce and wines. For more information about the Healesville Hotel click here.

Healesville Accommodation #2: The Grand Hotel


The Grand Hotel

Located in the heart of Healesville, The Grand Hotel provides excellent accommodations at affordable rates. This makes it ideal for enjoying the variety of attractions in Yarra Valley.

The Grand Hotel is also perfect for a wide variety of events, including weddings and birthday parties. MOre information about the Grand Hotel can be found here.

Healesville Accommodation #3: Terminus Hotel-Motel


Terminus Hotel

Located in the center of gorgeous Yarra Valley, the Terminus Hotel-Motel can provide you with accommodations that are both comfortable yet affordable. Each unit contains several amenities, including air conditioning, a bar refrigerator, a TV, and facilities for making tea and coffee.

The Terminus Hotel-Motel also includes the Oak Bistro, providing you with a full menu of dishes and wines. Meanwhile, the Sports Bar gives you an opportunity to watch sports while nibbling on tasty foods. Check them out here.

Healesville Accommodation #4: Annabelle of Healesville Bed & Breakfast


Annabelle of Healesville Bed & Breakfast

Annabelle of Healesville is a 4.5 traditional Bed and Breakfast. It combines the style and spirit of yesteryear, with all the modern conveniences you need. Sitting on two acres, Annabelle of Healesville Bed and Breakfast is within walking distance to bike tracks, a picnic ground, and walking tracks.

The rooms in the Bed & Breakfast are peaceful and relaxing.

They are spacious enough, and provide amazing mountain and forest views. Amenities in each room include a TV, DVD player, refrigerator, and safe. Visit Annabelle of Healesville Bed & Breakfast here.

Healesville Accommodation #5: Wide Horizons Bed & Breakfast


Wide Horizons Bed & Breakfast

This 4.5-star Varra Valley Cottage is simply amazing. Whether you want to spend time with friends or your someone special, this Bed & Breakfast can certainly make you feel at home.

The cottage provides you with amazing views and stylish rooms. In addition to the rooms themselves, you can also avail of a lounge and dining room, as well as barbecue facilities. Visit Wide Horizons Bed & Breakfast here.

Healesville is a treat to visit anytime of the year.

It is a great base to explore the Yarra Valley, go on a wine tour, visit the Wildlife Sanctuary, have a great meal at one of the vineyards, etc.

There is plenty of Healesville accommodation to choose from, but given it is such a tourist-puller, make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment. The secret is out, Healesville is a great place to go to!


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