Hepburn Springs Swiss Italian Festa

History is important in any community, and with that being the case it is no surprise that you can find the Swiss Italian Festa on Main Road in Hepburn Springs.

It is a ten day celebration in which the community of Victory will be able to demonstrate their strong ties to the Swiss and Italian settlers that started their community in the mid-nineteenth century.

The festa will focus on a number of different cultures, and it is fun for all who choose to attend, whether they are from the immediate area, or from across the state.

The idea of the event is to shed some light on the way in which the past culture has had a major impact on the current culture. All things are interconnected, all actions have their reactions, and this festival intends to show just hat.

The Hepburn Springs Swiss Italian Festa has been organized since 1993, and if you are interested you can visit http://www.swissitalianfesta.com or send an e-mail toinfo@swissitalianfesta.com.

If you are interested in learning about other cultures or seeing how the past can affect the future, even up to the current generation, then you certainly cannot miss out this great event.

For information on ticketing, amenities, and anything else available at the event, take a look athttp://www.visitvictoria.com/displayobject.cfm/objectid.9C74A6B5-7825-4F6D-8C55E215B05BA8AB/. There is quite a bit to see, explore, and do, and you cannot hope to do everything in one day.

Reserve your place at this historic event today, and let your mind wander further into the past than ever before.

Hepburn Springs Swiss Italian Festa
Date: 15 – 24 Oct 2010
Venue: Main Rd Hepburn Springs
Website: www.swissitalianfesta.com

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