Immigration Museum Melbourne

The Immigration Museum Melbourne is devoted to the subject of immigration.

Australia is a country of immigrants.

In Melbourne over thirty percent of people speak another language than English at home.

Australia’s rich and colourful Aboriginal history goes back thousands and thousands of years.

But the migration to Australia is only a few hundred years old, meaning that from the first voyages on a lot of information is still life and visible today.

General Information About the Immigration Museum

The museum is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm but is closed on Good Friday and Christmas Day. If you are visiting Melbourne you will find the museum at the Old Custom House, 400 Flinders Street, an easy stroll from Flinders Street Station.

Significance of the Immigration Museum Melbourne


immigration museum melbourne

A visit to the Immigration Museum is good for both locals and visitors. Understanding this important part of the history of Australia is very important because apart from the Aboriginal peoples, the population consists of immigrants. This particular section of Australian history is relevant to all members of Australian society and visitors to the country should make a point of getting to the museum.

Australia is a very popular destination for tourists and there is a constant stream of new immigrants. It’s not surprising. Australia is a particularly beautiful part of the world. This successful country has grown in leaps and bounds and has a culture that is constantly evolving due to the many contributions made by immigrants. Visitors do find this blend of cultures very interesting and they enjoy making the Immigration Museum a part of their itinerary.

Immigration Museum :: Take Your Children


immigration museum melbourne

I have been to this museum with my kids. I think the museum offers an opportunity to explain that the Aboriginal people are the original inhabitants of this land and that everyone else was transported to Australia. It also offers the opportunity to talk about the differences in transport, technology, keeping in contact etc between today and two hundred years ago.

Being an immigrant myself and having my family 24 hours away by plane, but only a phone-call or an e-mail away to talk to eachother is entirely different to two hundred years back. Back then people spent weeks and weeks on ships and would often never be able to see or speak to their family again.

Immigration Museum Set Up

The Immigration Museum is well managed and you will find the flow of exhibits easy to follow. There are many personal stories, some sad, some funny, others interesting. Australia’s history is filled with characters of enormous courage and will. The information has been preserved in well thought out displays that are both informative and entertaining.

Computerised interactive displays as well as moving images keep visitors engrossed. There is a replica of an actual ship which your kids will find very interesting. Immigrants survived dangerous sea journeys to arrive in Australia and this makes up an important part of history. Any person who wants to get a grip on what makes Australia tick has to visit this museum. Larger groups such as tourists and scholars can make prior arrangements for an easy and pleasant visit.

When visiting the Immigration Museum, you will learn a bit more about the earliest visitors to Australia and their stories as well as how immigration has changed over the times.

The Immigration Museum has got a cafe serving snacks, light meals, confectioneries and soft drinks.

The Museum also has a souvenir shop.

Especially if you are interested in the history of Australia, Melbourne, shipping, immigration and genealogy, you will find many books specifically on these subjects.

There are also attractive posters, postcards and maps with a flavour of yesteryear.

All in all, I can highly recommend a visit to The Immigration Museum Melbourne!

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