La Dolce Vita Wine Tasting Event

La Dolce Vita Wine Tasting Event

Spring arrives with a light breeze and a wonderful taste of the sweets that are available to you in the King Valley. Each year at early spring the valley celebrates the renewal of life with their weekend wine tasting event.

One of the most beautiful areas in Australia, why not take time away for this outstanding event. You and a loved one could spend the weekend reconnecting and sipping fine wine.You will enjoy newly released wines that have not yet been tasted outside the valley as well as feeling the warmth of the wineries of the King Valley, who offer their own brand of hospitality.

Enjoy a taste of La Dolce Vita at the event which lasts a weekend. What a great time for a weekend getaway.Who isn’t fond of a soft breeze on their face, a taste of cheese and a glass of excellent wine. It’s the stuff movies are made of.

The wineries of King Valley have a reputation for innovation in wine-making and for the appeal of their products which are youthful and energetic in flavor and appeal.

In addition to the wine tasting you will find that you can allow yourself some time to relax. The wineries and wine makers are also preparing some outstanding taste treats for you so far as foods too.Mediterranean cuisine is a specialty of the area and the winery owners are proudly stirring up some of the best meals you will ever eat to keep you full to capacity and give you a taste of the good life.

King Valley’s celebration will be offering wines prepared by many of the wineries in the region, not just one. You will be served wine and other treats by more than 10 participating producing wineries.

There are also places to stay and depending on your preference you can avail yourself of accommodations in camping areas or luxury hotels. Make it a point to plan this outstanding weekend of wine and cuisine. Celebrate spring in style at King Valley winery celebration.

La Dolce Vita Wine Tasting Event
Date: Nov 20 and 21, 2010
Venue: King Valley vineyards, King Valley
Phone:1800 801 065