Lakes Entrance lies just at sea level and is known as a fishing town and tourist area.

The original name of Cunninghame was changed in 1915 to the present name of Lakes Entrance.

The last census counted 4,093 citizens in the town of Lakes Entrance.

If you walk the beaches in Lakes Entrance you will find some shops and restaurants with easy access to stop in and purchase a few mementos of your trip.

Lakes Entrance Accommodation Option #1: Bellevue on the Lakes

bellevue on the lakes lakes entrance, lakes entrance resort, lakes entrance accommodationIf you want to enjoy your trip, there are several places you can stay. Bellevue on the Lakes is one such area. Amenities galore will make your stay here one of the most enjoyable. From the indoor heated pool to the internet café, you will enjoy the wide array of services expressly for the guests of the Bellevue. Want a memento of your visit to Lakes Entrance? Stop by the Lakes Entrance Art and Paint Gallery. Here you can choose from many original works of art from the local artists. Take home an original print of Lakes Entrance to remember your trip. Check out their website.

Lakes Entrance Accommodation Option #2: The Goat and Goose Bed and Breakfast

the goat and goose bed and breakfast lakes entrance, lakes entrance resort, lakes entrance accommodationWant a unique and exciting stay? Then you are going to love The Goat and Goose Bed and Breakfast. This five level home has surprises at every turn. The balconies are plentiful so you can enjoy the view of the ocean from every vantage point but exploring this huge home with all its secret spots to discover will be one of the most enjoyable aspects of staying here.

The home is owner-built and each area tells its own story. Enjoy a country breakfast and if you like seafood, you will not want to miss the Seafood Banquet.

Lakes Entrance Accommodation Option #3: Kalimna woods

kalimna woods lakes entrance, lakes entrance resort, lakes entrance accommodationWhen the time comes to get away from it all, the Kalimna Woods will be your romantic or stress free vacation destination. These self contained cottages are surrounded by the rainforest and mystical gardens. You will be staying in the secluded woods for the peace and tranquility you want but with all the amenities you could desire. From the huge three corner spas to the queen size beds and fireplaces for a romantic evening, this will be one of the places you will want to come back to for many future vacations.

Close by is the lake with stunning birds from the area and wildlife in its natural habitat for one of the most peaceful and tranquil settings you will ever have the fortune to enjoy. Check out their website.

When you decide on Lakes Entrance for your vacation you will have the choice of many places to stay and as much or as little as you want to do while on your vacation.

There are several cruises available.

If you want to explore the area where gold was mined which is very rich in history, with the old gold miner’s cemetery, explore Cassilis which was a booming gold town in the 1880s.

Whether you are a history buff or not, you will not want to miss the area known as Shipwreck Creek when visiting this area.

This is an area that is famous for 20 or more shipwrecks and the oddity called the ground parrot which makes Shipwreck Creek home.

When you want a vacation that is out of the ordinary, Lakes Entrance with its surrounding areas to explore is going to be a very enjoyable vacation.

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