Maldon is one of Australia’s most charming Gold Rush Towns.

Interested in the Australian Gold Rush?

Want to know more about the lifes and the times of the people who lived in these times?

Then come to Maldon and stay in some Maldon accommodation.

Things To Do In Maldon

Maldon has got a few galleries, shops selling handcrafts and old 19th-century pubs to keep you occupied. Maldon is situated about 140km north-west of Melbourne. This fascinating small town is a fascinating mixture of traditional, cultural and historical and you are going to be quite attracted to all its different aspects like 19th century cottages, shop fronts with old fashion designs, European architecture with wide verandas and flagstone pavements.

The mines closed in 1926 after a gold rush lasting more than 70 years, but you can still appreciate the feel of a 19th century Victorian mining town. Do remember to be here in October, April, July, and November when fairs and folk festivals are held. Maldon offers some great accommodation. Let’s have a look at some of those facilities.

Maldon Accommodation #1: Maldon Hotel Palm House

Maldon Hotel Palm HouseMaldon Hotel Palm house has 4 charming rooms, in a Victorian home that was built in the 1860s. This show place brings back a feeling of nostalgia, especially when you look at the 19th century fireplaces and have a maid answering your bell.

You can have an air conditioner on request. On the other hand, you can enjoy your stay here in winter snug in your electric blanket. This place is definitely a must see and stay in for all those who want to indulge in colonial nostalgia!

For more information about Maldon Hotel Palm House you can check their website.

Maldon Accommodation #2: Clare House

Clare HouseYou can also go for accommodation at a bed and breakfast. Clare House offers you a charming hint of a stylish country house, where you can just sit and relax.

It has 3 double rooms, with ensuites. Your hosts are Megan and Graeme Leslie. You are just a stone throws away from the town center. You could relax in the library room in the afternoons.

Maldon Accommodation #3: Nuggetty Cottage

Nuggetty CottageLooking for cottage accommodation? Then you could try Nuggetty Cottage. The solid stone house is run by Alan and Marjorie Smidt. No animals allowed and the house is non-smoking!

It is located right in the middle of the Goldfields, and is a 3 minutes walk away from Maldon. It is there for you to enjoy along with a spread of 24 acres to browse in.

To learn more about Nuggetty Cottage please browse their website.

Because of its linkage with Australia’s Gold Rush, many people visit Maldon each year.

It is worth a visit just to get a taste of Australia’s golden history.

The goldfields area is a great area to visit for a few days, and with some great Maldon accommodation as your base, your stay will be off to a great start!

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