Melbourne Art Fair

Melbourne Art Fair

Aspiring artist?

Or simply an art appreciator who loves to witness or collect unique works of art?

Then you should consider checking out the Melbourne Art Fair.

Melbourne Art Fair

It will inspire you with many different works of contemporary visual art from the Asia-Pacific region.

Currently, the Melbourne Art Fair is one of the most significant exhibitions of contemporary visual art in Australia.

Scheduling and Venue Information of Melbourne Art Fair


Name:Melbourne Art Fair
Date:22-24 February 2024

The Melbourne Art Fair will be held in the Royal Exhibition Building. The Royal Exhibition Building can be found at Nicholson St. at Carlton, Victoria.

History and Art Coverage of the Melbourne Art Fair

It all started in 1988 when the first Melbourne Art Fair kicked off in the location that is still being used today as the venue: the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. Since its opening, it remained focused on contemporary visual arts coming from the Asia Pacific region. It is an event held biennially due to the freight costs involved and conflicts with other Melbourne events. This explains why there is no exhibit this year.

Things started to pick up back in 2006 when the Melbourne Art Fair hit a major milestone by having 26,000 visitors through the 4.5-day period with over 86 galleries representing several Asian and European countries in addition to local Australian artworks.

The latest Melbourne Art Fair held last 2008 had the most art coverage out of all of them so far. It featured national galleries from all parts of Australia and many international galleries coming from Auckland, Beijing, Dublin, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Lucerne, New Delhi, Osaka, Seoul, and Wellington. The total number of galleries featured was well over 80 making it the most dynamic art event to date. It is expected for 2010’s event to showcase even more galleries covering more styles and cultures.

Melbourne Art Fair Highlights

Melbourne Art Fair 2024


The Melbourne Art Fair kicks off the opening night’s Vernissage which means the start of an art exhibition in French. Emerging artists can check out the Melbourne Art Fair for inspiration and visit several project rooms to tone up their skills. International collector programs are also featured in the fair along with a line-up of free public forums for discussion. Tourists get a fair share of the action too with guided tours, public lectures, and travel packages to come along with it.

Just about all forms of visual arts are covered in the gallery ranging from unique paintings to various rooms filled with sculptures, ceramics, pots, and other crafts giving it more of a museum experience.

With its great variety, attending the Melbourne Art Fair is a remarkable experience that should be checked out every time it is on.

When you take your time to admire all the different artworks you may not even witness all the galleries in a single day.

So, if you are up for it, make sure you go a second day to see everything properly.


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