Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is an annual event celebrating great food and wine.

Melbourne is often referred to as one of the nicest cities to live in worldwide.

Due to the wide varieties of backgrounds of the Melburnians, Melbourne also has some of the best gastronomical restaurants, and chefs.

Partly for that reason Melbourne hosts the annual Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

The festival lasts for 17 days. The event brings together some of the best chefs in the world along with their special recipes and new food ideas.

2009 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Information


Name: Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
Date: 7-23 Mar 2009
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Melbourne Food and Wine Festival :: Key Themes

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is broken up into some pretty spectacular key areas.
These areas are:

  • Chefs Dinners


  • Global Wine Experience


  • Chef’s Masterclass


  • Theatre of Ideas

Within these extravagant key areas are some very impressive food and wine.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival :: Interesting Ideas

For example, in one of the past festivals, some of the ravishingly delicious creations by an American cook consisted of “anything cooked sous vide”. This is slow cooked food using steam while the food is kept in plastic bags so as to not lose the intensity of the flavor.

A UK chef created an incomparable liquid nitrogen-frozen green tea accompanied by a lime mousse.

A dessert chef from London created a bittersweet chocolate tart, stout ice-cream, as well as a macadamia nut mousse. And how does a succulent poached foie gras featuring poppy seeds as well as red cabbage gazpacho sound to you? Are you hungry yet?

More creations? One chef came up with braised peas, accompanied by a 62C duck egg, jamón Ibérico and for dessert a minted pea sorbet. Another gastronomic specialty was a delightful fillet of halibut along with a purée of peas, as well as smoked lardo di Colonnata, some onion rings and the ever-present red wine.

One of the stranger creations was buffalo mozzarella-crusted oysters, a quasi-Italian creation. A particularly Scandinavian dish was created consisting of king crab and leek, which is then dipped in ash, and served with mussel juice.

It’s these types of innovavite recipes and tastes you need that will really help you appreciate these chefs.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival :: For Everyone


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It is not just the highly regarded chefs who come to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. People literally pour in from around the world to savor the exquisite cuisine that is presented. One of the most interesting presentations was the World’s Longest Lunch Table in Victoria.

Each year the Festival not only attracts food and wine experts from the globe over, but renowned celebrity chefs and celebrated winemakers, purveyors, authors, growers, commentators and of course the critics who are in attendance alongside Australia’s best.

Most of the chefs that highlight the festival are Michelin star chefs who can be said to be artists with food, and of course each is a master of nuance, presentation and of course pure harmony. The wines that accompany these exquisite meals have been Australian wines, as well as Spanish wines and French wines, all adding to the fabulous degustation of the year.

Are you a gastronome who enjoys the journey through the centuries of fabulous food creations?

Do you love a perfectly matched glass of wine with that?

Out for new ideas, flavours and tastes?

Then you must plan on coming to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival next March.

Remember that it is a world event that you cannot miss, thus plan early!