Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show

The Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show is all about celebrating the good life.

Good food, good wine, demonstrations by celebrity chefs and restaurateurs, the lot.

So if you want to give your taste buds a few new sensations, then make sure you come to the Good Food and Wine Show in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Southbank.

Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show 2009


Name: Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show
Date: 6 – 8 June, 2009
wine, melbourne good food and wine show

What’s in Store for You at the Show

This will be a fun treat to take your family or your friends to. The Good Food and Wine Show is an annual event and a great opportunity to come face to face with some TV chefs and taste some amazing food and wine. You may wonder, what’s the big deal. After all, it’s just a bunch of people with food samples and some wine tasting, right?

The event is a virtual playground full of delectable, fun, and useful events. Celebrity chefs, local and international produce, classes, tasting, full course meals and the latest in kitchen wares are what you have to look forward to.

Good Food and Wine Famous Faces

Some of the well-known chefs that have honored the Good Food and Wine Show with their presence include Matt Moran, Tobie Puttock, Ben O’Donogue, and Gordon Ramsey. Some even come more than once, like Gordon Effing Ramsey. These celebrity chefs will come in to demonstrate, cook, and share their best recipes with the attendees of the event.

Just think that the next time you will be having a dinner-party you could whip up a recipe from a celebrity chef. Now, that would impress them, I think. What? You actually need to learn to cook first? No problem, there are classes for that too!

Good Food and Wine Highlights


wine, good food and wine show

One highlight of the Good Food and Wine Show is from the Gourmet Garden Cooking School. They offer about four one-hour sessions per day interactive lessons where you can learn to cook all types of dishes. If you would rather just stick to liquid refreshments, there’s something for you, as well. Sunbeam Coffee offers classes to teach you how to be a barista. Learn the different brews and beans, along with secrets behind that perfect cup of java.

Enjoy the dining delight at Lindeman’s Early Harvest Restaurant. Visitors can sit back and relax with dishes matched to a light and refreshing Lindeman’s Early Harvest Wine. The chefs couple the menu to the wine list for a perfect match. The Riedel Wine Theatre is at the ready to serve a multitude of local and international wines.

A producer’s market is featured with “the best regional producers to showcase their fare” at Lyndney Milan’s farmer’s market. This could sure be a day to remember!

Love food and wine?

Or simply want to have a relaxing day away from the hustle and bustle of daily life?

Then the Good Food and Wine Show is the place to be!

Come and sit back, relax and sip on your favourite wine or coffee while enjoying a gourmet snack or meal.

What could be better than that?