The Melbourne Tigers are one of the best national basketball teams in Australia.

So, when you are in Melbourne and want to see some great Melbourne basketball, go grab your Tigers gear. It’s game day!

It’s time to kick back, have some dogs and beer and yell yourself silly as you rout, rout, rout for the home team!

Melbourne Tigers History

Who knew that when the Melbourne Tigers began their life as a basketball club back in the 1930s at a local church hall that they would become the champions they are today? The Tigers began competition in the National Basketball League in 1984 and have four Championships under their belt. In 1993, 1997, 2006 and 2008 the team thrilled fans as they rocketed to the top of the charts to win! The Tigers were losing finalists in the Grand Finals of 1992, 1996 and 2007.

Top Tiger :: Andrew Gaze


melbourne tigers

One story of their history belongs to the 1992 games when Andrew Gaze, son of coach Lindsay Gaze held each other in a very emotional embrace as they won after Andrew snapped the game with vital free throws in the final seconds of the game. Andrew is one of the better basketball players that played for the Melbourne Tigers. He led the team to many victories in the decades of the 1980s and 1990s. Gaze achieved fourteen All-NBL First Team selectionsfour appearances in the World Championships and he also played five Olympic Games. He was the NBL most valuable player from 1991 to 1998. Very impressive!

Other Great Melbourne Tigers


melbourne tigers

Andrew Gaze by all means is not the only superstar the Tigers have boasted. Mark Bradke and Lanard Copeland have also improved the performance of Melbourne’s super-team. Bradke has been chosen ten times in the All-NBL First Team selection and he also received the 2002 Most Valuable Player award.

Guard Copeland was able to put his hands on the 1999 all-NBL First Team selection. The beginning of the new century saw the trio Gaze-Bradke-Copeland keep the Tigers on top of their game. The excitement didn’t end with Gaze’s retirement nor the trade of the rest of the core members.

Chris Anstey, a superb player in his own right, was a major part of the title win in 2006.brought the Melbourne team to win the title in 2006. Highlights to Tigers’ #13 include appearances in the 2000 and 2008 Olympics and lead the League in blocked shots in 2007 and 2008. Anstey’s stats only continue to impress with over 500 points scored in the 2009 season.

Recent successes of the Melbourne Tigers

In 2008 the Tigers continued their success by wiping out the Sydney Kings and taking the championship in the Grand Final series. In June 2009 the Melbourne Tigers announced the re-signing of club favorites Daniel Johnson and Matt O’Hea. Plans for Johnson play upon his enormous potential to only add to the team’s continued success. Johnson and O’Hea were both a part of the winning championships of last season. The official lineup in the June 2009 announce for the Melbourne Tigers are: Chris Anstey, Mark Worthington, David Barlow, Luke Kendall, Daryl Coreletto, Ryan Bathie, Daniel Johnson and Matt O’Hea with only three spots left on the roster.

The Melbourne Tigers are expected to continue their success as one of the nation’s most popular basketball clubs.

When you are in Melbourne and keen about basketball, give a visit to the Melbourne Tigers a try.

You are going to be in for an exciting game with non-stop thrills for all ages!

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