“If you don’t like the Melbourne weather, just wait five minutes.”

This is something you will hear regularly when people are talking about the weather in Melbourne.

After having lived in Melbourne for a fair while, I have to agree that Melbourne weather can be scorching hot one day, and freezing the next.

Due to its’ position Melbourne can easily get a cold Arctic wind from the South on one day and a hot northerly desert wind the next.

This can easily make a difference of 20 degrees (Celsius) from one day to the next.

Generally, Melbourne weather is warm and dry in summer, a bit more variable in spring and autumn and cool, but mild in winter.
Even in winter, there are plenty of beautiful days on which you can feel really warm, especially if you can find a nice little cosy terrace out of the wind.

The sun can be really hot and burning. There have been quite a few times when I have been careless, spent some time in the sun at midday, even on colder or overcast days, and ended up getting sunburnt. Skin cancer is a real issue in Australia, so always take the proper precautions to protect yourself against the sun.

When you come to visit Melbourne keep in mind that Australia is on the Southern Hemispere and therefore the seasons are switched around from the Northern hemisphere:

Summer December – February
Autumn March – May
Winter June – August
Spring September – November


One thing some tourists coming to Australia are mistaken about is that they assume that it is summer all year round.

In Melbourne this is definitely not the case.

Although Melbourne definitely has a pleasant climate, it can get pretty fresh in winter, with freezing nights and cold, gloomy and wet days.

And due to the changing winds, there can be some cold summer days and nights as well.

This means that when coming to Australia you really have to take some varied pieces of clothing in order to prepare for four seasons in one day as the Crowded House song goes.

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