Melbourne Wine Bars

When you are visiting Melbourne, a great activity to do is that of wine tasting or drinking in one of the Melbourne wine bars.

Whether you wish to have a glass to just pass the time away by watching the world go by or whether you wish to treat yourself to pure decadence, wine has something for everyone’s palette.

There are many award-winning wineries worldwide, including those in Australia.

Melbourne wine bars cater to the casual shopper or tourist through to the businessman.

The wine bars are exquisite and upper class, as well as flexible and fun.

Melbourne Wine Bar #1: Melbourne Wine Room


Melbourne wine bars, Melbourne Wine Room

The Melbourne Wine Room is located in The George Hotel in St. Kilda. Open every afternoon into the late evening, excluding Mondays, the eatery is located in the bar and dining room. The Italian faire, service, and worldwide wines are simply fantastic. Do you love history?

This Wine Room has existed since the 19th century. You used to be able to see the ships in Hobson’s Bay from this location. Age Good Food Guide 2009 boasts a 15/20 score stating: “since 1996, this moody salon has been one of Melbourne’s best-loved and most reliable fine dining rooms, valued for its enthusiastic approach to wine…” however some others are a bit more critical and find the two rooms to be odd and out of balance.

Melbourne Wine Bar #2: Syracuse


Melbourne wine bars, Syracuse

Another wine bar to consider while in Melbourne is Syracuse. This is a cocktail/wine bar that you can take those whom you wish to impress. Are you bucking for a raise at work? Are you wishing to show off to your in-laws?

Well, bring them here to Syracuse where you can share in the luxury. Offering the homey feel of a bistro, the waiters are there at your beck and call, anticipating your every need.

Local wines are features; however, more are available to please any desire.

Melbourne Wine Bar #3: Punch Lane


Melbourne wine bars, Punch Lane

Do you plan to catch a show at the theatre? Punch Lane has its home in the historical area of Melbourne’s theatre district. Little Bourke Street was the former Red Light District with Punch Lane taking up residence in the old police station.

For an intimate time alone with your spouse, or a quick drink before or after the show, Punch Lane is the place to be! Signature red chairs welcome the connoisseur to a wine bar stocked with Australian wines from smaller producers, in New Zealand, France, Italy, and Spain.

The staff are very knowledgeable. Also lauded for its offering of “emerging gems”, meats and cheeses can also be found well into the night. The Age Good Food Guide 2006 “heralded the new breed of city wine bars”.

Whether you live in Melbourne, or you are a visitor, there is something for every personality.

The Melbourne wine bars can be found near and far, offering delectable beverages and food for all.

You can catch a history lesson, a show, or fantastic views along with the wine you seek.

What a great way to spend your day or evening!