Found on the eastern side of Port Philip Bay, the Mornington Peninsula is a prime spot for vacationers and those seeking a wide variety of exciting activities.

Bordered on the south by the ocean and bordered with a beautiful system of bays and capes to the east and west, there are many reasons that people have chosen to make the Mornington Peninsula their vacationing spot of choice.

How to get there

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From Melbourne CBD the start of the Mornington Peninsula (Frankston) is only about an hour’s drive. You can get there via the CityLink or you can take the Nepean Highway if you feel like seeing a bit more of the towns along the bay.
From Frankston you can follow the Mornington Peninsula Freeway down to your destination of choice or again, follow the Nepean Highway further along for a nice coastal drive. When driving back up again, I definitely recommend taking the Nepean Highway to Frankston as this will take you over Oliver’s Hill giving you a beautiful view over the bay. And, if the weather is not too bad, you can see all the way to Melbourne CBD.

Portsea and Sorrento

Portsea and Sorrento are two of the towns that people choose as their destinations when they are visiting the Mornington Peninsula.
Many of Melbourne’s riches have chosen these towns for their million-dollar holiday houses. And with good reason, because the bay views are amazing and life is good in these two towns.

Portsea is a center for fine dining experiences. Situated at the very tip of the Mornington Peninsula, Portsea is known for its amazing views of the water and for the many watersports that it offers to visitors and locals alike.
One of the most fascinating attractions of this beautiful town, however, is the remnants of tunnels and fortifications that guard the coast. These structures have been around since the 1880s and can be found where Portsea borders the Point Nepean section of the peninsula.

Sorrento, on the other hand, is a well known tourist getaway and vacation spot. At the end of the 19th century, Sorrento started to become increasingly popular with the Australian holiday makers, giving them a breezy respite from the scorching summers. The town is known for its golf, sailing, and boating, as well as for the dolphins and seals which are found in Port Phillip Bay.


On the other side of the peninsula, you can find Flinders, a fishing town dating back to the 19th century. Roughly comparable in size to Sorrento, Flinders is known for its serene beaches, excellent dining and antiques.
The main shopping precinct of Flinders is famous for its variety and the quality of its goods. While in Flinders, you can choose to take the short blowhole walk to the ocean or you can head to Greens Bush in the nearby national park, where you can see kangaroos, eagles, swamp wallabies and bats.

Red Hill

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For a slightly different feel, head to Red Hill, a town of about a thousand, about a 15 minutes drive from Flinders. Red Hill is known for its elegant wineries, beautiful autumn orchards, and varied art galleries. This small town is perfect for someone seeking an escape from the fast paced life in the city. You can head to one of the many farms found nearby to pick your own berries, visit a few vineyards to sample the local wines or you can venture to the Red Hill Cool Stores to try some of the fresh local produce.

The Mornington Peninsula is well-known for its vineyards and boasts about 200 of them. During the year some great events are held to celebrate the wine and the local produce from the region. One such an event is the Mornington Peninsula Pinot Week which is well worth a visit.

No matter what you are looking for in terms of a vacation, there is a good chance that the Mornington Peninsula has it.

Whether you want to have a relaxing beach holiday, be a little bit more active and go sailing or indulge in other water sports or you want to try some of Australia’s best wines and local produce, you can find it at the Mornington Peninsula.

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