National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria is one of the leading galleries in Melbourne.

It was founded in 1861.

The NGV is situated in the Arts and Leisure Precinct in St Kilda Rd on Southbank.

One of the great pleasures of visiting the cities of the world is visiting art galleries.

So indulge in this via a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria.

National Gallery of Victoria :: Ever Expanding

The most generous founding patron was the extremely wealthy industrialist, Alfred Felton. It was largely due to him and other patrons that the national gallery was able to buy sizeable overseas art collections. To this day the national gallery continues to increase its collection by purchasing important pieces and collections. A visitor to the gallery can enjoy both avant-garde and old masterpieces. Visitors can enjoy viewing original pieces by famous artists such as:

  • Paolo Veronese


  • Giovanni Battista Tiepolo


  • Paolo Uccello


  • Lorenzo Bemini


  • Tintoretto


  • Paris Bordone

There is an impressive collection of the original works of Aboriginal artists. Aboriginal art has grown in recognition throughout the world. Aboriginal art is fetching high prices and there is an enormous international and local interest in Aboriginal art that stretches back thousands and thousands of years.

Contemporary Displays


national gallery of victoria, ngv

Even though the paintings on display are magnificent and a real treat for art lovers the national gallery keeps up with the times. Other areas of creativity are also given a place of recognition. Examples of these areas are photography, textiles and fashion. Those visitors who have an interest in ceramics will not leave disappointed. The gallery has many fine examples of historical European ceramics and also ancient Greek vases.

Continued Support from Patrons

The gallery has continued to be supported by generous patrons over the years. It was due to patronage of Allan and Maria Myers that this gallery could purchase ‘The Rest on the Flight into Egypt with Saint Catherine and Angels’ by Paris Bordone. This work of art was acquired for $3.8 million and is the most expensive painting the gallery has ever invested in.

National Gallery of Victoria Architecture

The most unusual architectural feature of the gallery is the stained glass ceiling that gives a colourful look to the flooring. An unusual event was the theft of an important painting by Pablo Picasso named the ‘Weeping Woman’. It was stolen in 1986 by a disgruntled group who believed artists were not being nurtured. They demanded a substantial prize be established for young Australia artists. This painting was eventually given back. It had been left in a railway locker.

The National Gallery of Victoria is a must-see for you if you are an art-lover, does not matter if you are a tourist or not.

In fact, a visit to the NGV is an excellent way to experience the art collection of the city. There are also important visiting collections from overseas that are regularly exhibited in the gallery.

Visitors are able to enjoy art that is as diversified as Aboriginal art, the Dutch masters, Picasso and Ancient Egyptian art.

There are so many different types of art on offer, there will definitely be something that you will like.

Also keep in mind that there is a branch of the gallery at Federation Square called the Ian Potter Centre. Well worth a visit as well!

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