Looking for some great Portsea accommodation?

This page will help you find the best places to stay in this great holiday town on the Mornington Peninsula.

Located just 95 kilometers from Melbourne, Portsea lays claims to being Melbourne’s scuba diving center and Australia’s most affluent neighborhood.

When you visit the area, you will be treated to the sight of magnificent mansions surrounded by grand gardens.

With resident seals on the beaches, beautiful walks to do, the wining and dining of the Mornington Peninsula and all the water fun you can possibly wish for, Portsea is a great holiday town to visit for you.

And rightly so. Portsea is much more than an enclave of the rich! It can be yours for the taking. Just check out the accommodations below.

Portsea Accommodation #1: MyCoastline Coastal Accommodation

MyCoastline Coastal AccommodationFrom the deluxe to the modest, MyCoastline Coastal Accommodation appear to have it all. Well, of course, the rates will vary amongst the four available choices – My Delgany PortseaMy Portsea CottageMy Portsea Escape and My Portsea Getaway with varying amenities and facilities as well.

Have the money to spare? Then My Delgany Portsea will definitely be a home away from home. Think luxury apartments with a heated pool for those cold nights with your partner and a day spa for self-pampering after a hard day’s work of shopping, sightseeing and sports at nearby Sorrento and Portsea itself. And the space within the apartment is simply amazing, like being in the great ocean itself, with a view of it, to boot!

Want more modest accommodations? Then there are always the other three MyCoastline Coastal Accommodation types. Although these are more, well, modest in appearance and facilities, it is still a great way to spend your holiday in Portsea. More information can be found at their website.

Portsea Accommodation #2: Portsea Hotel

Portsea HotelIf you want country-style living in Portsea, look no further than Portsea Hotel. Its rooms range from the luxurious (think ensuite bathrooms with all the bells and whistles) to the modest (think shared bathroom facilities down the hall). So there is basically something for everybody.

What you will especially like about the Portsea Hotel is its al fresco dining area. The waiting staff is efficient, the food is glorious especially on a warm summer’s day, and, best of all, the view from your table cannot be beat! This must be how the rich envisioned country living, you might say to yourself: good food, good views, good company.

For families on vacation to Portsea, you can avail of free accommodations for children under 5 years old! And a full breakfast is included in the room rate so you don’t have to worry about finding food so early in the morning when all you want to do is burrow into the sheets. Please visit here for more information.

Portsea Accommodation #3: Bay Play

Bay PlayThe name itself says it all: Let us play at the bay! Bay Play Retreat offers modest accommodations, sure, but the rooms are clean, linen and beddings are provided although you have to bring your own towels. The self-contained kitchen and dining room are available and the entertainment area is passable.

Then again, who would want to stay inside when you can engage in outdoor activities? Think of Bay Play as a retreat after your frenetic activities of snorkeling, sea kayaking, diving, horse riding, surfing and, best of all, swimming with the dolphins. You will more information at their website.

Indeed, when you think of the sea for your next getaway, do not forget to consider Portsea!

It is a haven beside the sea offering locals and tourists alike the opportunity to live the good life in Victoria, less than 100 kilometres away from Melbourne.

Whether it is for a weekend or a longer holiday, Portsea is sure to please.

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