Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market is a massive seventeen acres big.

This makes it the biggest open market in the whole southern hemisphere.

The market is affectionately called The Vic by the locals.

When in Melbourne you get plenty of opportunity to shop around in the city.

But no matter how much you may enjoy the big city life, there is nothing quite like going to a market.

Queen Victoria Market – A Great Day Out


queen victoria market, melbourne market

There is a massive variety in the goods that are on display at the Queen Victoria Market. Visiting this market is regarded as a real outing because you can spend the whole day there without getting bored. Another reason you can spend a whole day there is because everything you need is right there. The locals make good use of the city’s good climate because the market is open air and is an entirely different experience to being stuck in an enclosed mall for hours on end. Children particularly enjoy being out doors and find it fun to see all the activities on display. The market is an obvious choice for both parent and kids.

Queen Victoria Market – Why The Name?


queen victoria market, melbourne market

This market is of course named in honour of the British Queen Victoria. You will find the market at the edge of Melbourne CBD. It is a much loved landmark and is easy to find. The Queen Victoria Market is the sole nineteenth century market to survive and this also makes the visit a historical one. The market is a good example of Victorian style heritage and is an important part of the culture of the city of Melbourne.

Queen Victoria Market – What’s On Offer?

Like most other markets this important market started out selling fruit and vegetables. Nowadays, you can still buy fresh fruit and vegetables. However, you can also buy meat, seafood, poultry, jewellery, clothing, hand made goods and specialty foods. The market was well known as the place to get goods that were pirated. All this has changed and the market has been uplifted to a place that is safe and enjoyed by families. Kids and adults alike flock to buy the old fashioned jam doughnuts that have been sold from the same van for half a century. They are reportedly the best in the world, and locals love eating them hot.

The market stays open every day but not Monday and Wednesday.

During the glorious summer months the Queen Vic is open on Wednesday evenings.

This special night market also includes pubs and live entertainment.

There is an enjoyably vibrant atmosphere that attracts both visitors and locals to have a good time.

Whether you are there day or night you will find it easy to get around as all the areas are clearly marked for your convenience.

In Melbourne there is none bigger or well-known than Queen Victoria Market so come to the Vic and enjoy the ride!

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