Looking for a relaxing stay on the Mornington Peninsula?

Then look no further. Just book a Red Hill accommodation and take it from there.

True to its name, Red Hill is a small community dotted by gentle rolling hills upon which an abundance of trees, vineyards and orchards are present.

Visitors can savor the natural beauty of Red Hill, which is located about 70 kilometres south of Melbourne. It’s easily accessible via the Nepean Highway.

Come to Red Hill and you will be able to take the advantage of the natural beauty and fresh produce with good wine abundant in Red Hill, not to mention the sedate lifestyle and available accommodations from cottages to hotels.

It’s a great place to come to for a relaxing holiday, definitely a great place to go for honeymooners as well.

Here follows a description of the accommodation facilities in Red Hill.

Red Hill Accommodation #1: Ellisfield Farm

Ellisfield FarmFor couples who want to combine the privacy of their own cottage with the activities on a lovely farm, the Ellisfield Farm is definitely the place to be! In the day, you can pick fruits, wander through the farm, and just enjoy nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

At night, you can enjoy the private cottage with its well-equipped facilities. You will especially love the feeling of being surrounded by nature considering that the cottage is surrounded by olive and citrus trees. Think nature camping without the mosquitoes! Please visit here for more information.

Red Hill Accommodation #2: Lindenderry

LindenderryNow, here is one place that is true to its hype. You can choose from among four themed rooms: courtyardvineyardbalcony and garden that have views exactly where the room says it will provide the guests. Do not worry though as all the rooms offer spectacular views into Mother Nature although with a different theme. Bette yet, you can stay like others did? Each year in a different room just to enjoy all the available scenery.

Aside from the luxurious surroundings in every room, the staff was friendly, courteous and efficient. And in your vacations, it is the people that often make the difference even in a luxury hotel as the Lindenderry. For More information please visit their website.

Red Hill Accommodation #3: Jane’s Hide-Aways

Jane's Hide-AwaysChoose from among three cottages: Jane’s Hide-AwayHannoy, and Granger at the place collectively called Jane’s Hide-Aways in Red Hill. You guessed right! Each cottage is named after a person, hence, their relatively unique designs. Take note, however, that the dominant theme is opulent Victorian with a modern twist in the facilities and amenities.

Without a doubt, Jane’s Hide-Aways truly lives up to its name. You will want to wish that if ever there is a place where you can play the role of a castaway, this place is it! More information can be found at their website.

Red Hill Accommodation #4: Meadowood

MeadowoodMeadowood is more modest than the above-mentioned accommodations. But what it lacks in glamour, it makes up for in family-friendliness. With its own entry leading to two bedrooms, a deluxe bathroom, comfortable sitting-cum-dining room and adequately-equipped entertainment center, who needs expensive accommodations when you can live in affordable style?

And the best feature yet: Fresh breakfast ingredients delivered daily with picnic baskets available on request! Think living in the country without the hassles of farming although you can indulge in it once in a while in the surrounding areas.

Red Hill Accommodation #5: Cedar Croft

Cedar CroftHate smoking? Well, there is Cedar Croft for you! It is a non-smoking luxury suite for adult couples with children not allowed in the grounds. If you ask us, it is a perfect romantic getaway complete with all the amenities that will allow you never to see another human being for days on end.

Do not like the crowds and din and bustle of the city life?

Looking for a great relaxing holiday?

Then you can come to Red Hill.

Here you will not only see the beauty of nature. You will be able to taste it as well. Some of Australia’s finest vineyards and restaurants are available to you.

Just book some Red Hill accommodation and let your holiday begin!

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