Rialto Tower

Let’s visit the Rialto Tower!

It’s one of the highest buildings in Melbourne and the Southern Hemisphere for that fact.

The Rialto Tower gives you splendid views of the Melbourne CBD and the wider surroundings.

It is a fun thing to do when you are in Melbourne.

Rialto Tower Facts

Did you know that:

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  • The Rialto Tower is one of the limited number of buildings included in the great Towers in the world.


  • The Rialto Tower contains 1.8 hectares of glass from which you can look out upon Melbourne


  • You have around 38 lifts available to take you up and down and around the tower.


  • You can see this amazing glass and concrete building change color from blue to gold at dusk.


  • You can also take part in the yearly Run Up The 1450 Steps race.

The Two Towers

The Observation Deck is on the South tower’s 55th floor. Standing upon the Observation Desk you do not need a telescope to see the scenic vista stretching out up to a distance of 50 – 60 km. But that is only when and if the day is bright and clear. You can either stay here or go up to the very top, the 63rd floor. Its North Tower is comparatively modest, with just 43 floors.

Be sure to get in there at 10 am, before the tourist rush overwhelms you. You can stay up upon the observation desk, until a reasonably late hour. That is because many romantic tourists want to see the stars shining bright at such a height. You need not take your own binoculars along as entree prices include the use of free binoculars.

Visiting the Rialto tower is relatively economical as well. At the time of writing this 4 children and 2 adults can enjoy the wonders of Rialto by paying just AU $ 39.50.

After exploring the observation deck, you would want to visit the theater. You are really going to enjoy the “sight, sound, camera and action extravaganza” here. It lasts for around 20 minutes. This extravaganza features plenty of attractions found in Melbourne and Victoria.

The café bar is placed so strategically that you can go in for a drink, while waiting for sunset!

The Rialto Tower is one of the fun things to do in Melbourne.

I would definitely recommend getting on top of the Rialto Tower or the Eureka Tower to see Melbourne from up high.

It gives you a different perspective of the city and is a great way to spend an hour or so while you are in Melbourne!