Sorrento is a great little town to come to for a beach holiday or weekend away.

The township of Sorrento in Victoria is located approximately 57 miles south of Melbourne at the mouth of Port Phillip Bay.

It can be accessed via the Nepean Highway or via Queenscliff ferry.

You can enjoy the numerous historic limestone structure, excellent dining establishments and cafes, excellent boutiques and specialized stores as well as art galleries here in Sorrento.

Yet, the most appealing attraction in Sorrento is its resident population of bottlenose dolphins, who are so friendly that visitors can actually swim with them!

Add in activities like scuba diving, bushwalking, golf, sailing and boating and you have an accessible paradise in Victoria less than two hours drive away from Melbourne.

Sorrento Accommodation #1: Hotel Sorrento

Hotel SorrentoFor a taste of history coupled with luxury, you simply cannot go wrong with Hotel Sorrento. Within its historic limestone building, which dates back to 1871, are the treatment rooms for various spa services from facials to pedicures to massage. It’s almost like being in heaven, an observation shared by fellow vacationers!

And then there are the luxurious bedrooms overlooking the sea. It just makes you forget that the hustle and bustle of the city was ever part of your life, especially when the staff is so friendly, so accommodating and so efficient. For the price of accommodations, you definitely will not regret your stay at this classy hotel. For more information please visit their website.

Sorrento Accommodation #2: ‘A la Plage

'A la PlageFor a more homey ambience, the ‘A la plage Sorrento is the place to be. The French place to be in Sorrento, that is! If you are a Francophile, you will definitely enjoy the French ambience offered by its gracious hosts Robin and Susanne Smith. Definitely, one of the best bed and breakfasts in Sorrento!

Sorrento Accommodation #3: Sorrento Beach Motel

Sorrento Beach MotelFor those who associate motel with seedy places, you will be pleasantly surprised with the Sorrento Beach Motel! With its colorful facade, you definitely will want to stay here for the rest of your stay in Sorrento.

The accommodations are top-notch for a relatively affordable motel, the most enjoyable of which are the complete appliances inside each room from the kitchen to the living room. Still, who would want to stay inside when you can enjoy the various activities outside of the motel? Think of your room as a haven of peace after a frenetic day of sports, shopping and sightseeing! Go here to know more about Sorrento Beach Motel.

Sorrento Accommodation #4: Drop Inn

Drop InnYes, you definitely will want to drop in at the Drop Inn. Think of it as a home away from home because indeed it can be especially with its self-contained concept. You can choose from either a 2-bedroom apartment or a 5-bedroom house, both of which have all the amenities of home and more!

Well, of course, you will pay more for the accommodations. Still, when you consider that everything in Sorrento is within walking distance of the Drop Inn, the price is definitely worth it. Please go here for more information.

So, on your next vacation, make it to Sorrento!

And while you are there, choose from either Hotel Sorrento, ‘A la plage Sorrento, Sorrento Beach Motel or Drop Inn as one of our preferred Sorrento accommodations.

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