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Things To Do In Melbourne With The Kids

Three Melbourne Zoos
Melbourne is home to three of the most exciting zoos in the country. These three very popular and well visited zoos are Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary and Werribee Open Range Zoo. All three have their own qualities and represent a great day out with the kids.

Puffing Billy
Puffing Billy is a steam engine train that was originally built in 1900 to allow the more remote areas of Australia to be open for settlers. Now it is used as a tourist attraction. Have you ever yearned for a leisurely scenic journey through panoramic mountain vistas? Australia’s oldest steam train will treat you to spectacular scenery from rainforests to lovely cultivated farmland.

Melbourne Aquarium
The Melbourne Aquarium is a great place to go. It’s one of those things to do in Melbourne with the kids, that you will still enjoy as an adult as well. We go fairly regularly, at least once a year. It’s a lot of fun and it is great to see your kids going through and exploring different things everytime you go there.

Things To Do In Melbourne :: Shopping

Queen Victoria Market
Queen Victoria Market is a massive seventeen acres big. This makes it the biggest open market in the whole southern hemisphere. The market is affectionately called The Vic by the locals. When in Melbourne you get plenty of opportunity to shop around in the city. But no matter how much you may enjoy the big city life, there is nothing quite like going to a market. So come to The Vic and have a ball!

Things To Do In Melbourne :: Museums / Galleries

Melbourne Museum
The Melbourne Museum is the largest museum in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s full of things to see and do and a great museum to take your kids to. There are many different areas in the museum and a great kids area that make the museum suitable for virtually everyone.

National Gallery of Victoria
The National Gallery of Victoria is one of the leading galleries in Melbourne. It was founded in 1861. The NGV is situated in the Arts and Leisure Precinct in St Kilda Rd on Southbank. One of the great pleasures of visiting the cities of the world is visiting art galleries. So indulge in this via a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria!

Ian Potter Centre
The Ian Potter Centre and the NGV in Melbourne are part of the same organisation. The National Gallery of Victoria has been open since 1861, displaying beautiful art works for you to enjoy. In 1990 they realized that the gallery was becoming more and more popular. It did not have the space to accomodate everyone. Therefore, they agreed to redevelop the site. The Victorian State Government also agreed to the redevelopment and they funded another National Gallery of Victoria. There are now two buildings, the Ian Potter Centre and the other is the NGV at St Kilda Road. So when you visit the city, there are two great National Galleries of Victoria that you have to see!

Victoria Police Museum
The Victoria Police Museum is one of the more interesting museums in Melbourne. In the Victoria Police Museum you can learn about significant events in Victoria’s and Melbourne’s history. There is the Hoddle Street massacre and Russell Street car bomb of more recent times, but also the catch of the infamous Kelly gang in the late 1800s. Victoria Police Museum also holds two pieces of the Kelly armour.

Immigration Museum Melbourne
The Immigration Museum Melbourne is devoted to the subject of immigration. Australia is a country of immigrants. In Melbourne over thirty percent of people speak another language than English at home. Australia’s rich and colourful Aboriginal history goes back thousands and thousands of years. But the migration to Australia is only a few hundred years old, meaning that from the first voyages on a lot of information is still life and visible today. This is a great museum to go to, also with kids as the museum contains some great history lessons for them.

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art is the number one art gallery for contemporary art in all of Melbourne. Its rust-red steel building is very unique and is considered to be one of Melbourne’s most prized architectural pieces. It was designed by local architectural firm Wood Marsh. When you are in Melbourne, the ACCA is well worth the visit.

Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)
The Australian Centre for the Moving Image is also sometimes referred to as just ACMI. It is devoted to the moving image in all different forms, which is similar to the Museum of the Moving Image that can be found in New York. It was the first museum that offered digital media, film and television. The ACMI can be found in Federation Square in Melbourne. You may not know why ACMI was created.Let me get you in on a secret. It was created for one reason only, and that is to promote and exhibit Australian and Victorian screen content.

Cook’s Cottage (Fitzroy Gardens)
Cook’s cottage is an interesting place to visit and one of those places where history comes alive. Cook’s Cottage serves as a memorial to the first Western man who discovered the east coast of Australia, Captain James Cook. Originally the home of Cook’s parents, it made its’ travels to Australia in 1933.

Things To Do In Melbourne At Night

Melbourne Bars
Melbourne bars come in a wide variety of types and styles. Melbourne is well known for having a wide selection of bars and pubs. New ones are springing up constantly to keep up with the city’s growing nightlife. Everything from sports bars to sophisticated clubs await your visit.

Melbourne Wine Bars
When you are visiting Melbourne, a great activity to do is that of wine tasting or drinking in one of the Melbourne wine bars. Whether you wish to have a glass to just pass the time away by watching the world go by or whether you wish to treat yourself to pure decadence, wine has something for everyone’s palette. There are many award-winning wineries worldwide, including those in Australia. Melbourne wine bars cater to the casual shopper or tourist through to the businessman. The wine bars are exquisite and upper class, as well as flexible and fun.

Melbourne Restaurants
Melbourne restaurants come in a wide variety of kitchen styles. No matter where your tastes lie or regardless of your budget, Melbourne has something to offer you. From cozy little bistros to elegant and sophisticated dining rooms—the city has something for everyone. Because Melbourne has such an ethnically diverse population, you will find a wide selection of international cuisines. Some of the more popular suburbs that host the best eating establishments are St. Kilda, South Yarra, Fitzroy, Carlton, Richmond, Docklands, and Southbank.

Crown Casino (Melbourne Casino)
Crown Casino is more than a casino. It is a full entertainment complex. The casino is just part of a complex that caters to every taste and the biggest of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Come and enjoy yourself in the Melbourne casino.

Arts Centre Melbourne
The Arts Centre Melbourne is a huge complex that is made up of different concert halls and theatres. It is located on Southbank, adjacent to Southgate. You can see many different types of performing arts in the Arts Centre, as well as many well known artists. When you want to be entertained during your visit to Melbourne, check out the Arts Centre agenda to see who/what is on offer! Also make sure you check out the outsides of the Arts Centre, as the building is one of Melbourne’s landmarks with that enormous spire of over 160 metres.

Other Things To Do In Melbourne

Chinatown Melbourne
You will not miss Chinatown Melbourne when you pass through Little Bourke Street, between Swanston Street and Sprint Street. It is one of the busiest streets in Melbourne where the Chinese community has proudly built their heritage and culture. Dozens of quaint restaurants that feature different cuisines await you. You will also find also Asian grocery stores, Chinese medicine centers, bookstores, fashion boutiques, and etc.

Eureka Tower
The Eureka Tower is the tallest building in Melbourne. It is a very young tower. The construction of this beauty started in August 2002, and the outside of the building was done by June 2006. It was during the same year that the plaza was finished. The Eureka Tower officially opened in October 2006. This building dominates the Melbourne skyline with its big golden square and its sleek design. Make sure you take the time to get up to the top of the tower and enjoy the view. And, not for the faint of heart, you can get onto a skydeck with a glass floor as well!

Rialto Tower
Another high tower, second highest in Melbourne, is the Rialto Tower. The Rialto Tower also gives you splendid views of the Melbourne CBD and the wider surroundings. It is a fun thing to do when you are in Melbourne.

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