Walhalla is one of the great historic places you can visit close to Melbourne, Australia.

Just 2 and half hours drive from the city of Melbourne, Walhalla is a scenic spot that offers a brief respite from the busy city life.

Historically a gold mine, many of the town’s almost a century old buildings and cottages have been rebuilt to offer historic attractions and guided tours.

Planning to visit this historic town? Then the following info and list of Walhalla accommodations may serve you well!

Why Should I Visit Walhalla?

Today, after many years of being almost a ghost town, people have begun flocking back to Walhalla. Why? Well, you can get a taste of history there via the historic Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine. You can camp in the picturesque Stringer’s Park or ride the newly-rebuilt Walhalla Goldfields Railway. Walhalla was a very rich town back in the days when gold was mined. It all came to an end in the collapse in 1915.

Walhalla Accommodation #1: Jacomb’s Cottage


Jacombis Cottage

Jacomb’s Cottage, like everything else in Walhalla is a piece of history in itself. Built as a replica of one of the outlying buildings of the original Jacomb’s Criterion Hotel (originally build in 1867), the most famous hotel in Walhalla in the height of the gold rush.

Jacomb’s Cottage is equipped with the basic amenities of modern living like an electric heater that runs throughout the cottage. The Cottage’s main attractions are its carefully tended garden and the Courtyard lined by a beautiful box hedge.

You can get more information about Jacomb’s Cottage here.

Walhalla Accommodation #2: The Katinka Cottage

The Katinka Cottage located in Main Street, Walhalla is a cottage that can house 7 people. The place also offers catering but being in the heart of Walhalla, a lot of guests walk to town to taste the local food and wine. The cottage has also been outfitted to offer modern amenities (like CD player, TV, and washing machine) for a most comfortable stay in the historical village of Walhalla.

Walhalla Accommodation #3: Walhalla’s Star Hotel


Star Hotel

Walhalla’s Star Hotel is a recent addition to Walhalla. Although also a replica of the face of the original Walhalla hotel, the interior has been altered to fully cater to the needs of modern guests. All amenities have been provided except for one’s telly.

The hotel’s philosophy is: you do not watch television here in Walhalla, this is a place to sit back and relax and get away from the complexities of city life. A television can very well ruin that. More Information can be found at their website.

Walhalla Accommodation #4: Rawson’s Village


Rawson Villag

Rawson’s Village boasts of 20 room accommodations and an AAA Tourism’s 3.5 star rating. The hotel can host a maximum of 270 – 300 people at one time.

The hotel also takes pride in its 3 function/recreational rooms as well as it native gardens.

The hotel houses the Leadbeaters’ bar and bistro but at the same time offers its own set of meals which can be delivered to the rooms. If you want to know more about Rawson’s Village then please visit their website.

Being faithful to its unique heritage, Walhalla offers a breathtaking view of a town well-preserved through the passing of time.

It’s a great little spot to visit. You really feel you are taking a few steps back in time.

Walhalla and the Walhalla accommodation are sure to please and offer you plenty of rest and relaxation.

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