Wish to discover the undiscovered rural beauty of Australia? Then Wangaratta welcomes you.

Wangaratta is more than 300 kilometres north of Melbourne, towards the northern end of Victoria.

The rural city, though a bit far is easily accessible by the main railway running between Australia’s two great cities – Sydney and Melbourne.

Famous in the country as Australia’s capital of Jazz, the city hosts a very successful jazz festival every November.

Hence, this is the best time for you to visit the city.

Want to visit Wangaratta? Then the following information will help you find the best Wangaratta accommodation.

Wangaratta’s affinity with nature

Wangaratta boasts of its natural scenery, being a rural city it offers being up close and intimate with nature but at the same time, within reach of city trifles. Warby Range National Park (only about 11 kilometers from the city) offers picnic spots and walks, only 2 of several ways to enjoy the park’s rich collection of birdlife and wildflowers.

Murray to Mountains offers a different mode of being intimate with nature and biking. Its historical Rail Trail of a 94 km track running through the diverse countryside of North East Victoria introduces bikers and trailers to the scenic beauty of the Ovens and Kings Valleys, the Alpine High Country and Everton Hills.

Wangaratta is also close to the Milawa Gourmet Region, a haven for wine and food enthusiasts celebrating Victoria’s specialties. The region is a crossroad culinary delicacies and boasts of traditional family-operated restaurants and wineries. Some of them even open their own home vineyards and wine cellars to visitors very much interested in the distinct taste of food and wine in the area.

Wangaratta Accommodation #1: Millers Cottage Motel


Millers Cottage Motel

There are plenty of Wangaratta accommodations that let you enjoy the countryside’s scenic beauty with the comforts of an accommodation that feels like home. Millers Cottage Motel offers hotel accommodation in the middle of a beautiful garden setting.

Together with the beautiful garden scenery, the cottage offers an in-ground pool, a playground and barbecue facilities. For more information please visit their website.

Wangaratta Accommodation #2: The Gardenview Lodge


The Gardenview Lodge

The Gardenview Lodge offers 26 units all surrounding an extensive central lawn where the swimming pool and the barbecue areas are located. The Gardenview Lodge is basically 6 acres of countryside tranquility. It is truly a chance to escape the busy humdrums of city life.

You may find yourself lost in the gardens just staring at the beauty of kumquats and palm trees that are very characteristic of Wangaratta countryside life. The Gardenview Lodge is a scenic spot in itself; however, they do offer to arrange tours to Wangaratta’s restaurants, wineries, and other must-sees in Wangaratta. You can get more information here.

Wangaratta Accommodation #3: The Quality Hotel Wangaratta Gateway


Hotel Wangaratta Gateway

The Quality Hotel Wangaratta Gateway, on the other hand, is a 4.5 star hotel in the heart of the Wangaratta city district. It offers fine dining, hotel accommodation coupled with secretarial service, an elegant conference area to hold meetings and the finest wedding venue Wangaratta has to offer. This place is unique in as much as it combines elegant and posh hotel accommodations and Wangaratta’s cultural gourmet and wine heritage.

Because of the hotel’s excellent setting and its staff’s warmth and dedication, a testament to Wangaratta’s people, the hotel has been awarded with different prizes over the years. More information can be found at their website.

Wangaratta effectively joins nature and urban life.

It is not the spot people immediately think about when they are picking a place to go and stay in Victoria.

Wangaratta has, however, a lot to offer to the visitor who has an eye for it.

Whether you go here during the jazz festival or otherwise, the wangaratta accommodation choices above should be able to help you guide towards the right place to stay for you.

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