The Wangaratta Festival of Jazz is an extended long weekend full of jazz performances.

Have a huge passion for jazz music?

Then make sure you visit this festival and indulge in what over 100 performances have to offer!

Wangaratta Festival of Jazz :: Location and Schedule

Wangaratta is located about 2 1/2 – 3 hours from Melbourne. The next Wangaratta Festival of Jazz is scheduled from Friday 30 October to Tuesday 3 November. You’d better mark that on your calendar because any jazz music lover will simply have an unforgettable weekend because of what the festival has got to offer!

Name: Wangaratta Festival of Jazz
Date: 30 October – 2 November, 2009
jazz, wangaratta festival of jazz

History of the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz

In 1989 a group of locals thought it would be a great idea to have their own town festival. The unique aspect of the Wangaratta festival is that it is not just another drink fest with a few bands. It is targeted on a single genre and it offers the ability for anyone including jazz players abroad to participate and compete with other international or local groups or individuals.

The 1st Wangaratta Festival of Jazz in 1990 was a huge success. It grew to be very popular among tourists and attracted so many sponsors to help with the event. It then gained national and international recognition as the best jazz event in Australia and later received the Victorian Hallmark Event award in 2000. 2008s event was even larger featuring over 100 performances by 200 locals and other individuals spanning 11 different venues across Victoria for greater accessibility.

Wangaratta Festival of Jazz 2009 Expectations


jazz, wangaratta festival of jazz

With newer aspiring jazz artists, the number of performers are sure to increase and since the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz is so globally recognized, jazz performers will stop at nothing to perform there as many tourists from around the world will most likely head there just to experience fresh and exciting new music that the old and new artists offer.

With the National Jazz Awards at stake, all groups will strive for excellence to win the 2009 National Jazz Awards.

Regardless of who wins, it is a great festival for the jazz lover.

It offers a great atmosphere and a beautiful opportunity for people to visit rural Victoria.

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